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Erotic Games For Couples
Intimate Competition & Random Sex

Most games for adults tend to involve a competitive struggle with opponents striving to achieve some goal or victory condition to win. The winner usually receives some reward to acknowledge their efforts. Competition between two people in a loving relationship may seem inappropriate. But, in the context of a mutually enjoyable game, the interactions can actually enhance your bond and strengthen your relationship. Competitive erotic games that incorporate exciting lead-up activities and a unique or special sexy reward will enhance your desire to play, have fun and strive to win. Even though the winner receives the agreed upon pleasure prize, it should be something that can be enjoyed by each player albeit in different ways.

The foreplay games we design are intended to be competitive while also introducing erotic activities that are pleasurable and stimulating. To heighten the challenge and intensify the desire to win, intimate activities are assigned to select game events. They are designed to create a balanced set of risk/reward incentives suitable for each player. Special situations and events throughout the game should encourage players to perform more risque activities that stretch their comfort zone in ways that they ultimately desire. Although mutual consent is assumed, being forced to do something as a forfeit can significantly add to your excitement.

Some other characteristics of good foreplay games include:

  • introduce progressively more intense foreplay activities as the game advances
  • specific or semi-random activities tied to select game events
  • players have a degree of control selecting/obtaining/performing events/activities
  • separate male and female specific activities add variety and balance incentives
  • subsequent sex is assumed, the type of sex depends on the outcome of the game

We strive to design games that are a little more wild and sex oriented. Rather than "lovey-dovey" type games focused on discussing feelings, we know that most couples are going to have sex and are eager to get down to business. We design games that encourage you to experience a broad range of sensual pleasure in creative new ways. Our focus is on helping you stimulate all your erogenous zones for a total sensual experience. The foreplay games are a means to help pace your activities with erotic fun, competitive adult play and semi-random intimate variety. The following games are currently available.

Experience Frisky Foreplay Today Frisky Foreplay
Hot Dice - Hot Love - Get Lucky Tonight

Frisky Foreplay (our best seller) is a simple and easy game to play with lots of creative sensual variety. You use 3 dice to randomly select one of 216 possible foreplay activities. There are both male and female activity booklets. Each intimate activity encourages you to try new techniques, rarely used positions, unique accessories and even favorite toys in creative new ways. As you play the game, the intensity levels increase so you are not jumping to the good stuff too soon.

The game encourages you to explore each other's erogenous zones in creative new ways. You can even use the ideas in combinations to spice up your every day lovemaking activities. You will definitely enjoy playing this game with the one you love.

As a bonus, the Fooling Around game add-on is really cool. It definitely provides a risque twist to the Frisky Foreplay game package. You may have more fun fooling around with it than playing just the dice game by itself.

See Frisky Foreplay for more information.
Enjoy Going Down Getting Off Today Going Down Getting Off
Get it ON ... play the game ... Get OFF!

Going Down Getting Off is a creative foreplay game for couples. It is modelled loosely on Snakes & Ladders but has a much richer design with lots of opportunities for sensual exploration. You will enjoy pleasuring each other in many different ways before you get off.

The Snakes & Ladders concept has been transformed into a set of pleasure portals that transport you around the board. Each pleasure portal jump also involves various types of sensual activities. And, as the name implies, there is a fair amount of oral pleasuring involved. As you try to Get Off the board, you will be encouraged to experiment with new intimate pleasuring techniques - maybe even some you secretly crave or have forgotten to use in a while.

See Going Down Getting Off for more information.
Enjoy Frisky Business Today Frisky Business - An Erotic Game
Be a player in the Sex Industry

Play with your lover or a group of intimate friends. Buy, sell and trade Frisky Businesses while performing and enjoying special erotic services. Attempt to strip other players of their money (and clothing) in your lust to control the entire sex industry. Experience the joy and exhilaration as other players shed their assets and expose their tender bits to be manipulated for your pleasure.

Based on an old favorite, this game introduces unique twists to create a spicy new adult variation. It involves buying, selling and trading erotic businesses (night clubs, cyber sex sites, massage parlors, escort agencies, porn studios and brothels among others) in an attempt to control the entire sex industry. Optional stripping and foreplay activities enable players to gain extra cash. Extremely fun to play with your lover or a group of special friends.

See Frisky Business for more information.

Spice Up Your Relationship With
Games for Couples

Have you ever heard the statement that "Couples that Play Together Stay Together" - well we believe it is great marriage advice good for any type of loving relationship. We've collected many of our games and sex play ideas into a three books available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle format. Order one or more today to spice up your love life and make your adult play time SIZZLE! Also check out Games for Couples to get even more erotic games to enjoy during your summer vacation and throughout the year.

Creative Intimate Ideas for Couples
Now Available!
Frisky Foreplay Game on the iPhone/iTouch
An Erotic Dice Game With Random Foreplay Ideas
Download your copy today

Try a few erotic games today and see if you have the skill or luck to win your favorite activity. Introduce some competitive sex play into your love life. Have fun and ...

Enjoy Playful Sex!

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